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Oversized/All Over Printing

We have the ability to provide Oversize/All Over prints on all of your favorite t-shirts. This is "think outside the box" apparel decorating!  Screen printed tees with an oversize print bring the t-shirt to life. Our designers and printers are experienced in producing amazing prints that will surely make a statement.

Oversize/All Over prints are a fashion statement that will promote a business, logo or artwork like no other print size. T-shirts with all-over printed designs are some of the most popular shirts out today. They are unique and stylish. Some are so intricate, they look like paintings. The artwork is all over the collar, the sleeves, the sides of the shirts, and even the very bottom of the tee. You can find these shirts at just about every clothing store, but at times they can be quite expensive. Many aspiring fashion designers are creating the all-over print tees because they are in popular demand. Both shoppers and designers are turning to screen printers to get the look they want at an affordable price. Potential clients, fans and friends will be mesmerized. They will love the inked coverage of your widespread screen-printing designs.

Businesses looking to create the "wow" effect are doing it with this type of printing. How many times do businesses purchase and distribute traditional style prints only to be discarded by the intended user. Oversized/All Over printed shirts are not treated this way because of the perceived value of these shirts. These will be worn week after week for many years to come - thereby maximizing your marketing investment dollar many times over.

What is different about all over printing?

Designs need to be created to work with the full size range of your order. This means, a small and a 3-XL might have different artwork scaled to fit, or the artwork must be created to accommodate the difference in shirt sizes. Your design can run off the edges and off the shoulder. While distressed designs can easily cross seams, all over printing provides the ability to print non-distressed images from cuff to cuff and collar to hem. See example below.

Advantages of Oversized/All Over Printing:

  • Edgy and New!
  • Print across the entire shirt!
  • Make a Statement!
  • Things to Consider for Oversized/All Over Printing:

  • Extremely large screens are used when printing over-size apparel
  • Price is dependent upon the complexity of the design, number of colors, and printing technique that is used
  • Minimum quantity of 144 pcs
  • Art, film and set up fees apply